Hanford Lemoore's Tiki Room - Your one-stop resource for all things tiki-related, including the Tiki Central Message Board.

King Kini's CLUB VELVET - "An Adventure in Space-Age Exotica," this is the internet counterpart to King Kini's former swank Minneapolis hotspot. See the sights, hear the sounds and taste the drinks of CLUB VELVET. *Includes the "Exotic World of Les Baxter" tribute to the master.

Arkiva Tropika - An online archive of Mimi Payne's paper ephemera collection, Arkiva Tropika celebrates not just Polynesian Pop, but also the classic heyday of all tropical (& tropical themed) restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.

Humuhumu's Critiki - A Worldwide Guide to over 600 Tiki Bars, Polynesian Restaurants, and other sites of interest to the midcentury Polynesian Pop enthusiast.

Humu Kon Tiki - Reports from your intrepid tiki explorer, Humuhumu.

Beachbum Berry - The virtual hut of Beachbum Berry, "famed tiki and rum expert" (Imbibe magazine) and author of "the best bar guide for tropical drinks ever published" (The National Review).

Forbidden Island - Tiki Lounge in Alameda, California dedicated to bringing back the classic look & feel of an authentic 1960s tiki lounge, complete with bamboo huts, waterfalls, and more.

The Exotica Mailing List Home Page - Exotica is a mailing list for fans and collectors of weird and unusual music from the early LP era forward. Common topics of discussion include artists like Perez Prado, Les Baxter, and Yma Sumac; cool record finds; current reissues in the genre, and so forth.

Bali Hai - San Diego's legendary Bali Hai Restaurant. Since 1955.

Book of Tiki - Website devoted to Sven Kirsten's veritable BIBLE for the Tiki Cult.

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge - Nordeast Minneapolis' own little paradise oasis. "What a sham."

Rev-Ola - Get yer Martin Denny. Get yer Pérez Prado. Robert Mitchum. Yma Sumac. Beny Moré. Claudine Longet... this label is on to something...

The Pérez Prado Pages - Great discography and biography for the "King of the Mambo."

Henry Mancini - This is a beautiful tribute site for one of the greats. Features a biography, discography, filmography, pictures, video and soundclips. Niiiice.

Ooga-Mooga! - The Online Tiki Mug Collection Organizer.

The Party-Planning Wisdom of Trader Vic - Excerpts from Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron's 1946 masterpiece, "Trader Vic's Book of Food and Drink."

Spaced Out: The Enoch Light Site - Devoted to the "Provocative Percussion" man himself; Enoch Light's prolific career helped define the term "hi-fi" and his recording techniques produced a sound quality that still holds up today!

Home of SHAG - Experience his world of mid-century swingers, tiki bar primitiva, and exotica-science fiction in Shag's online gallery.

Tiki Magazine - If you love the Island Lifestyle, Tiki, Hawaiiana, Polynesian Pop Culture or swaying palm trees, this periodical is for you.

The Tiki News - America's premiere newsletter of Polynesiana! By Otto von Stroheim.

Eighteenth Street Lounge Music - Washington D.C.'s cooooolest club and record label.

Club Montepulciano - It's the... easy listenin', lounge livin', cocktail sippin', space-age bachelor pad they call Club Montepulciano. Direct from the UK.

Smoking Redhead Club - The Smoking Redhead is a virtual lounge where you can dig some crazy albums: visit the Tiki Room to check out some exotica, the Black Satin Lounge to relax to mellow cocktail music or groove to jazzy lounge jive, or the Stand-Up Comedy Bar to lighten your spirits.

Vik's Lounge and Radio Vik - The definitive source for ALL your informational needs when it comes to EZ listening. Be careful not to get lost in a back room on your way to the exhaustive "Temple of Denny". Tell Henri "Kini" sent you (he'll take care of ya).

MisterLUCKY - A quarterly musical communique celebrating music of a "jazz-centric" nature and the responsible love of booze and cocktails. This site celebrates the martini, Manhattan and other divine nectars that "take away the edge of a harsh modern reality and stimulate both appetite and conversation."

The Exotic World of Les Baxter - This, the original and for many years the ONLY Les Baxter resource on the web, is Club Velvet's humble tribute to the undisputed "Godfather of Exotica" featuring liner notes, an illustrated discography and an extensive interview with Les conducted just a year before his death in 1996. Much of the work done by Kini for this site was later used for the "Official Les Baxter Website".

The Official Les Baxter Website - This beautiful site overseen by Les's own daughter features family notes, and a wonderful history of Les (not to mention numerous images painstakingly scanned by King Kini for his "Exotic World of Les Baxter").

The Temple of Denny - As part of Vik's Lounge, this site features a nice discography, liner notes, and other tidbits on the man behind the bambooc.urtain. Everything you'll ever need to know about Martin Denny.

Yma Sumac - The ultimate destination for fans of this Peruvian chanteuse. Official site authorized by Yma herself.

Burt Bacharach - "A House Is Not A Homepage" dedicated to one of the finest songwriters of all time. Burt is THE MAN!

The Space Age Pop Music Page - "Any song worth playing is worth wearing into the ground." Detailed biographies and discographies of many many exotic, latin and pop artists.

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music - Joseph Holmes' original pioneering website of lounge culture... still worth a look!

Combustible Edison - Here they are kids, the true leaders of the "Cocktail Nation." The Millionare and his cohorts are the tikigods (and goddess) of today to whom we all should be bowing.

The Gentle People - This groovy foursome produces an interesting blend of EZ listening and bubblegum ambient (sort of Bacharach meets CandyFlip), PLUS, they love tikis! SAVE THE NAUGA!

Havana Club Cuban Rum - A glass of rum, a mint leaf, two ice cubes. The same story keeps repeating itself. The story with the same inseparable components: Cuba, sugar and rum.

Jobim, Gliberto, Bossa Nova - Small corner of the web dedicated to bossa nova & guitar.

Rudy's Corner - Featuring Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendes, Laurindo Almeida, Esquivel and others. Home of Rudy's A&M corner.

The Roots of Lounge - History of lounge based on a 1995 radio documentary.

The Ultra-Lounge - Capitol Records' official website for their swank "Ultra-Lounge" CD series which you should already own.

TikiBosko - Tiki Objects by Bosko is your source for the finest tiki and Polynesian pop products available, specializing in tiki poles, ceramic mugs, masks, and one-of-a-kind custom orders. Cool stuff... waiting on the vintage drinks!

The Three Suns Universe - The web's definitive reference resource on the prolific Three Suns. This under-appreciated trio and their accordion had more than a few moments of wacked-out brilliance.

The RAYMOND SCOTT WEB ARCHIVE - He's been called the "Man Who Made Cartoons Swing." But though his melodies were immortalized in over a hundred Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck romps, and though his late-1930's Quintette recordings now underscore the mayhem of Ren & Stimpy, Raymond Scott never wrote a note for cartoons in his life....

In Hi-Fi Home Page - Thursday evenings at Bar d'O in New York City... and a very cool Gallery of artist Jim Flora's classic work.

Find Your Hawaiian Name - To find your name in Hawaiian, type it in the space provided and press the find button.

Dino's Lodge - The Dean Martin Homepage. This site serves as a nice looking hub for all things Dino. Features a complete discography and filmography.

Mai Tiki - Hand-carved masks, idols, and other exotic sculpture from a creative artist in Cocoa Beach.

Frank's Vinyl Museum - Nice scans of strange and wonderful vintage LP covers WITH sound clips! ...if only Frank would lose the lame quicktime music that loads everytime you hit the homepage. ugh.

Bungalow - Cool german label featuring Combustible Edison and other swell pop artists.

Claudine Longet - "Cuddle Up with Claudine": french-born popsinger, co-star of Peter Sellers, wife of Andy Williams, murderer(?).

Kahiki Supper Club - An Exotic Island Exists in Columbus! Official website for "The World's Most Beautiful Polynesian Restaurant." A Columbus Ohio landmark for over 35 years, but alas, it is no longer.

The Fantastic Ann-Margret - duh.

Mai-Kai - Escape to one of the most unique dining and entertainment places in all of South Florida. Since 1956, it has captivated people with its warmth and magical aura. The Mai-Kai authentically recreates a Polynesian Village, complete with tiki torches, a thatch roof, and a wooden plank bridge entrance.

Porta Exotica - Entrance to The Exotic World of James Teitelbaum, including the Tiki Bar Review Pages and the Tiki Road Trip books.

Trader Vic's - Though others have stepped forward to try to appropriate his legend, there was only one Victor J. "Trader Vic" Bergeron, Jr. - inventor of the Mai Tai and founder of the world-famous Polynesian-style restaurants that bear his name.

Just For Kicks! The Bob Thompson Music Page - Created by his son, this is the official site devoted to Bob Thompson, space-age arranger & composer extrordinaire.

Kowloon Restaurant Home Page - Since 1948, Massachusetts' beautiful Kowloon Restaurant offers a variety of distinctive dining rooms and lounges under one roof. Check out the "facilities"!!

Club Martini - A lounge club in Zuerich Switzerland.

konakai.com - A personal Rapa Nui on the vast digital Pacific...

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Clube do Tom - What more do you need to know?

Oceanic Arts Tropical Decor - Finally! A web page for the genius artisans behind all of history's great tiki bars, hotels, movies, tv shows... These guys have made an unbelievably huge (and relatively unknown) contribution to pop culture.

SwankRadio.com - Crank the Swank

317X - Really really nice archive of LP covers.

All Brazillian Music - This is the real thing baby.

The First Manifesto of the Cocktail Nation

We, the Citizens of the Cocktail Nation, do herby declare our independence from the dessicated horde of mummified uniformity - our freedom from an existence of abject swinglessness. We pledge to revolt against the void of dictated sobriety and to cultivate not riches but richness, swankness, suaveness and strangeness, with pleasure and boldness for all.


The Millionaire (of Combustible Edison)