November 28, 1998


Yes, it is sad news, but everyone's favorite bartender is packing her bags and moving to Texas (where everything is big and yella). Exciting opportunities await down there, and she has made the difficult decision to leave us after 3 wonderful years. Tweety has been an important part of CLUB VELVET from the very beginning - through the many busy nights and many slow ones as well. She will be missed by all. Her secret recipes for all of "Kini's Kocktails" will be closely guarded by King Kini personally, and only passed-on to a bartender (or bartenders) who Tweety deems worthy.

You have only 2 (two) Saturday nights to drop into CLUB VELVET, wish her luck, and have her mix you a fancy cocktail like only she can. Her final CLUB VELVET bartending shift will be Saturday, November 28.

This Saturday (November 21) will be particularly important, as it will be the final night that Kini and Tweety will be working together (Kini, unfortunately, will be out-of-town over the weekend of Tweet's last CLUB VELVET).

It would be nice if you came.

Kini Goes to Swanktown!

One full hour of King Kini's cocktail exotica is featured often on Swanktown Radio with Gregg Wolfe.

Swanktown can be heard Saturday nights on KBEM 88.5 FM in Minneapolis, from 11pm till midnight.

Kini's Shows:

Saturday, August 15, 1998
Saturday, September 26, 1998
Saturday, October 17, 1998
Saturday, December 12, 1998
Saturday, February 20, 1999

November 14, 1998


Bring Your Bongos to CLUB VELVET! - - play along!

Celebrate duel birthdays with that authentic bongo sound that so delights rhythm fans!

Tweety will be serving SCORPIONS at the bar.

bongos? bring 'em. congas? bring 'em. maracas? bring 'em. did I mention bongos?

Saturday, October 31, 1998

Wednesday, August 5, 1998


The Lounge, Minneapolis, welcomes Club Velvet for the first night of what promises to be a long and exciting partnership! Pairing the vintage cocktail exotica of Club Velvet in the big, beautiful backroom with the jazzy grooves of the highly acclaimed Straight No Chaser in the main room, King Kini is at long last reunited with his old partners, DJ Jezus Juice and Dj H.Mhoon, in a weekly presentation of velvet 'n' vibe.

For those who can't get out on Saturday nights, those who don't dare cross the river into northeast, or those who JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH KINI... Join all of the Velvet Friends, including bartender Tweety, cigarette girl Trixi, the be-fezzed King himself and his bumbling sidekick El Rikitiki, THIS AND EVERY WEDNESDAY at The Lounge (411 2nd Ave N, Minneapolis).

Friday, June 19, 1998

Kini at the Ave!

Come on down to the world famous First Avenue nightclub (701 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis) Friday, June 19th and visit our beloved King Kini who will be setting the Velvet Mood in First Ave's newly expanded secret upstairs VIP room from 10pm til 2am.

This could become a semi-regular event depending on the turnout, so get your swank asses in there!

Saturday, November 15, 1997

Join King Kini, Tweety, Trixi and the rest for a special evening of velvety cocktails, exotic instrumentals and fabulous prizes celebrating CLUB VELVET's first 2 years of operation! This is the night to don your best lounge-wear and arrange for a safe ride home as we will be raising a glass to you, the friends who've made our weekly 'Adventure into Space-Age Exotica' such a success!

Arrive early to increase your chances of winning one of many swank prizes including martini sets, gift certificates, t-shirts, CDs, videos, smoking accessories, a cigar humidor, a lava lamp and more!

This is THE Twin Cities Lounge Event of the Year! DON'T MISS IT!

Prizes courtesy of these fine businesses:

Capitol/Matador/Guardian Records

Scamp Records

The Electric Fetus
2000 4th Ave. S., Mpls.

Succotash Vintage Gifts
781 Raymond, St. Paul

Smokeshop & the Ashtray Lounge
613 W. 24th St., Mpls.

Curl Up & Dye
704 W. 22th St., Mpls.

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August 16, 1997


Join us in a nation-wide memorial birthday happening for "Provocative Percussion" legend ENOCH LIGHT, as we feature, among the usual swank CLUB VELVET fare, the swingin', exotic, bongo-drenched musical stylings of Enoch and his various stereophonic productions all night long!

for more info:
Happy Birthday, Enoch - 1997

Saturday, May 3, 1997


Capitol Records, The Electric Fetus, and Club Velvet invite you to an exotic evening of mambos & martinis, swank prizes & hi-fi hi-jinks to celebrate the release of two new 'Ultra-Lounge' CDs: On The Rocks Vol.1 & On The Rocks Vol.2!

This special event also marks the birthday of EMD rep and ultra-party girl, Kathy Barobs, so show up and buy her a velvetini!

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