Buddy Cole - Swing Fever

Jack Costanzo - Mr. Bongo Has Brass

The Duke of Iron - Calypso!

Leo Perrachi - Brazilian Cocktails

Burt Bacharach - Casino Royale (OST)

Lalo Schifin - Mannix (OST/TV)

Hugo Leonel Vaccaro - Mi Mundo My World

Peter Kreuder und Heinz Sandauer - Spielen Fur Sie

Noro Morales - Lecuona's Afro-Cuban Suite

Luiz Bonfa - Amor!

Hot Skins

Randy Carlos - Hot Cha Cha

Bob Brookmeyer - Trombone Jazz Samba

101 Strings - Swing with Hammond Organ

Don Swan - Latino

Henry Mancini - Touch of Evil (OST)

Lalo Schiffrin - The Liquidator (OST)

Ninapinta - The Downtown Scene

Candido - Calypso Dance Party

Eddie Cano Quintet - Cha Cha Con Cano

Astrud Gilberto - I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do

Ann-Margret - Songs from The Swinger (OST)

Francis Lai - The Bobo (OST)

Augie Colón - Sophisticated Savage

Leo Diamond - Exciting Sounds from Romantic Places

Johnny Conquet - Raisins & Almonds Cha Cha Cha

George Shearing - Latin Escapade

Walter Wanderley - Organ-ized

Webley Edwards - Fire Goddess

Eddie Baxter - Temptation

Sergio Mendes - The Swinger from Rio

Bert Kaempfert - A Man Could Get Killed (OST)

Machito - Kenya

Yma Sumac - Mambo!

Dean Elliott - Zounds! What Sounds!

Cal Tjader - Solar Heat

Paul Nero - Abends in Der Cocktail-Bar

Warren Barker - Music of Desire

Irving Fields Trio - Pizzas and Bongos

Milt Raskin - Kapu

Buddy Cole - Powerhouse!

Perez Prado - Concierto Para Bongo

Jackie Gleason - Lazy Lively Love

various artists - The Cool Scene

Herbie Mann - Flautista!

Henri René - Music for Bachelors

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '65 - In Person at El Matador!

Tito Puente - Tambó

Rosengarden & Kraus - Percussion Playful and Pretty

Will B. Better - Sounds For Sick? People

The Markko Polo Adventurers - Orienta

Roger King Mozian - Spectacular Percussion

Marty Gold - Wired For Sound

Johnny Richards - The Rites of Diablo

Ferrante & Teicher - Heavenly Sounds in Hi-Fi

Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island

Stanley Black - For Latin Lovers

Miguelito Valdés - Cuban Nights

Pete Rugolo - Music for Hi-Fi Bugs

Julie London - Latin in a Satin Mood

Lionel Newman - Exciting Hong Kong

Sabu - Sorcery!

Eric Rogers - Apres Ski

Perez Prado - Mambo by the King

Arthur Lyman - Percussion Spectacular

Eddie Cano - Deep in a Drum

Mullendore - Honey West (OST)

Haji Baba - Crazy Bongo

various artists - Mambo for Cats

various artists - Fly to Havana

various artists - Got a Date with You in havana

Orquesta Aragon - That Cuban Cha-Cha-Cha

Werner Müller - Eastern Paradise

Jack Costanzo - Latin Fever

Don Ralke - But You've Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos

Lalo Schifrin - Music From Mission: Impossible

Tak Shindo - Far East Goes Western

Les Baxter - The Soul of the Drums

Herb Jefferies - Devil is a Woman

Lucho Azcarraga - Mi Panama

Allen Drew - Stag Party

Dick Schory - Politely Percussive

Leo Diamond - Skin Diver Suite

Ralph Font - Tabu

Sid Bass - From Another World

Frank Comstock - Project: Comstock

Tastee - Music To Sell Bread By

Lalo Schifrin - Sol Madrid (OST)

Peter Lauch - Für Spieber Verboten

Benny Golson - Tune In Turn On

Jon Trevanni - I'm in the Nude for Love

Jo Basile - Rio with Love

Sounds Of A Thousand Strings - Music for Big Dame Hunters

The Ray Charles Singers - Paradise Islands

Hugo Montenegro - Come Spy with Me

Pete Rugolo - Behind Brigitte Bardot

The Out-Islanders - Polynesian Fantasy

Mark Monte - Dancing at the Habana Hilton

Dean Martin - Dino Latino

Elliot Lawrence - Music for Trapping

Stan Kenton - Cuban Fire!

Louis Prima - The Call of the Wildest

Eddie Baxter - Temptation

Richard Hayman - Voodoo!

Daniel De Carlo - One Night of Love...!

Jackie Davis - Hammond Gone Cha-Cha

Ivy Pete - Limbo Party

Marcel Hayes - Paris Goes Latin

Martin Denny - Quiet Village

Robert Maxwell - Shangri-La

Antonio (Chocolaté) Diaz Mena - Eso Es Latin Jazz... Man!

Milt Buckner - Send Me Softly

Preston Epps - Bongo Bongo Bongo

Mario Nascimbene/Maurice Chevalier - Jessica (OST)

Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - Music for Peace of Mind

Si Zentner - The Swingin' Eye!!

Ted Steele - For Grieving Lovers

Martin Denny - Exotica Volume II

Ruth Wallis - Saucy Calypso

Martin Denny/Si Zentner - Exotica Suite

Elsa Popping & Her Pixieland Band - Delirium In Hi-Fi

Richard Maltby - Music To Reline By

George Wright - Goes South Pacific

Irving Joseph - Murder, Inc.

Pete Candoli - Moscow Mule And Many More Kicks

Barney Kessel And His Men - Breakfast At Tiffany's

Rosengarden/Kraus - Like-Bongos!

Ron Goodwin - Music For An Arabian Night

Art Van Damme Quintette - Cocktail Capers

Ernie Warren - A Latin From Manhattan In Hawaii

Sweet Richard - Sweet Richard's Limbo Party

The International Pop Orchestra - An Exciting Evening At Home

Bobby Christian - Strings for a Space Age

Al Stefano - Rhumba Favorites

Ferrante & Teicher - Soundproof

Charles Mauu - Polynesia!

Mr. Boston - Ten For Cocktails

Gene Rains - Lotus Land

Michel Magne - Tropical Fantasy

The Eloise Trio - The Eloise Trio

Marty Wilson - Jun'gala

Bob Thompson - The Sound of Speed

The Surfmen - Exotic Island

Hugo Montenegro - Candy's Theme and Other Sweets

Port of Suez - Exotic Music of the Middle East

Shorty Rogers - Shorty Rogers Meets Tarzan

Dave Harris - Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals

Paul Weston - The Sweet And The Swingin'

Terry Gibbs - More Vibes On Velvet

Bobby Madera - Look, I'm Doing The Cha-Cha!

Teddy Randazzo - The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

Vico Anthony - Percussion Italiano!

Sammy Davis Jr. - At The Cocoanut Grove

Warren Barker - Hawaiian Eye (OST/TV)

Howard Roberts Quartet - Whatever's Fair!

Billy May - Cha Cha!

Esquivel - Strings Aflame

Harry Fields - À La Carte

Dick Hyman - The Man From O.R.G.A.N.

Louis "Sabu" Martinez - Safari With Sabu

Leo Diamond - Snuggled On Your Shoulder

The Three Suns - Twilight Memories

Webley Edwards - Exotic Instrumentals

India Adams/Ray Martin - Comfort Me With Apples

Dante & His Orchestra - Serenades For Sex Kittens

Xavier Cugat - Cugi's Cocktails

Burt Bacharach - Plays His Hits

Jack (Bongo) Burger - The End On Bongos

Stanley Wilson - Pagan Love

Al Caiola - Sounds For Spies and Private Eyes

Arthur Lyman - The Legend of Pele

Enoch Light - Pertinent Percussion Cha Cha's

Googie René - Romesville!

Lalo Schifrin - Piano, Strings, and Bossa Nova

Perez Prado - Exotic Suite of the Americas

Nino Rota - La Dolce Vita (OST)

Henry Mancini - Breakfast At Tiffany's (OST)

Ann-Margret - The Pleasure Seekers (OST)

Dean Martin - Cha Cha De Amor

Augie Colon - Chant Of The Jungle

Robert Drasnin - Voodoo

Joe Reisman - Party Night At Joe's

Plas Johnson - Blue Martini

Frank Pourcel - Les Baxter's La Femme

Jack Fascinato - Music From A Surplus Store

Harry Breuer - Mallet Mischief

Ray Sherman - Scotch Mist

Martin Denny - Exotica

Perez Prado - Voodoo Suite

Henry Mancini - Combo!

The John Buzon Trio - Cha Cha On The Rocks

Al Caiola - Ciao

The Three Suns - Fever & Smoke

Martin Denny - Primitiva

Ferrante And Teicher - Blast Off!

Frank Hunter - White Goddess

Les Baxter w/Bas Sheva - The Passions

Perez Prado - Latin Satin

Henry Mancini - Mr. Lucky Goes Latin

Les Baxter - The Primitive And The Passionate

Music To Read James Bond By (Volumes 1 & 2)

Richard Hayman - Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine

Avino Rey - Ping Pong!

Bob Thompson - On The Rocks

Arthur Lyman - Taboo Vol.2

Sergio Mendez & Brasil '66 - Look Around

Esquivel - Exploring New Sounds In Hi-Fi

Dick Schory - Music To Break Any Mood

Perez Prado - Havana, 3 A.M.

King Guion - Emotion, Inc.

Jack Marshall - Soundsville!

Elmer Bernstein - Staccato

Warren Kime - Brass Impact

Quincy Jones - Big Band Bossa Nova

Les Baxter - Skins!

Henry Mancini - More Music From Peter Gunn

Les Baxter - Le Sacre Du Sauvage

separated at birth?

Martin Denny / Arturo Romero

Cal Tjader

Don Swan / Martin Denny

Pedro Garcia / Marimba Chiapas / Fernando Juaret

Three Suns / Ray Conniff

Al Caiola / Earl Grant

Mary Tyler Moore

Harmonicats / Babe Russin

Ruth Welcome / Cy Coleman

Three Suns / Melachrino Orch.

Bal Musette / Jo Basile / Dick Contino

Tito Puente / Henry Mancini

Herb Alpert / Pat Cooper

Mills Brothers / Martin Denny

Esquivel / Ames Brothers

Taylor & Winston / Art Van Damme

Perez Prado / Louis Prima

Jackie Gleason / Four Freshmen

Martin Denny / Ethel Azama

Xavier Cugat / Harmonicats

Martin Denny / Mischa Novy