Hi-Kini-Fi, the optimum in quality and sound reproduction,
is an expression of the meticulous care and engineering skill
that go into the making of all CLUB VELVET shows.

A new recording is about to begin! The conductor carefully makes final preparations before the sound is recorded on tape.
The sound from the studio is carried to magnetic tape recorders which reproduce sound impressions on tape.

Music from the tapes are re-recorded on acetate discs. Fine microgrooves are cut in the lacquer master, and studiously inspected by microscope.

A newly recorded acetate disc is given a thin coating of silver and immersed in a plating tank to make a metal master. A metal mother, and later a stamper will be made.

The stamper is mounted in an automatic hydraulic press, labels are affixed and a hot "biscuit" inserted to produce the finished recording.

Careful visual inspection of each record for molding defects in the manufacturing process is a prime requisite.

Records are packed for shipping to recordstores throughout the country.

A satisfied customer has purchased the recording from your neighborhood music dealer.

Record is stored in a musty suburban basement and forgotten about for 35 years.

The recording is digitally duplicated and uploaded to a giant computer, where it can be accessed by you though the magic of the internet!